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4 mins ago

Paper Goodness I’m doing a thing about the Basics of Bullet Journaling.  If you’re local, come see!   Movies & the Feels We went to see A Wrinkle In Time this weekend.  “We” as in me and my black girl friends that are all 30+.  Addy opted out.  I’ll make…

2 weeks ago

It’s Addy’s birthday. Hooooomg. 7. SEVEN. She’s a certified “big kid” and wakes up on her own and gets dressed and comes in our room in the morning like “oh, still sleep. hmph look at me ready for the day and such”.  We did a bunch of stuff for #DontGiveASix. …

2 weeks ago

We’re back!  Lauren and I are bringing back Add It To My List.  The monthly psuedo linkup where we share things we would tell each other “Add this to your list!” in real life. If you have a post that you want people to check out, add it to the…

3 weeks ago

If you are here for your Wednesday photo, it’s down at the bottom. We went to see Black Panther this weekend. Obviously. We had the shirts.  I bought the Funko Pop! figures. We were ready. And it was glorious.  I’m not going to spoil it.  I’m not going to *over*…

4 weeks ago

We went to a Fancy Nancy book signing last week. Fancy Nancy is a book series about a little girl that’s fancy AF and the rest of her family is pretty plain Jane. They just released the last of the series, book #80.  The girls were told to come as…


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