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16 hours ago

Hey! It’s time for me and Lauren’s Add It To My List linkup.  Where we give our real life recommendations on what needs to be added to your list.  Pens out! Schitt’s Creek OMG. I’m watching right now as I type because I have been on a for serious binge…

7 days ago

And a story. About this picture. The sculptures are hyper realistic.  Obviously. Like to the hair on the legs and wrinkles on backs etc. So Addy asks about the umbilical cord and why the baby has it and I give a quick talk on how sometimes a baby comes out…

1 week ago

#NewMusicMonday The Search for Everything – John Mayer So after two “waves” John Mayer finally released his new album. Meh. It’s more of that one album that I bought and didn’t listen to but once (Battle Studies) and probably not much like that Montana Mountain Man Music of Born &…

1 week ago

Oh hey yeah I didn’t forget about the JoAnna series. But in case you did, read Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Here’s Part 4! Typical Coordinator duties include filing paperwork, getting office supplies, keeping chocolate on hand, and of course helping Reapers understand modern technology.  It’s like when your…

4 weeks ago

It’s time for another list!  Thanks for joining Lauren and I for our monthly Add It To My List linkup where we share items we have added to our whatever list.  The linkup is open for a week so add your blog link below. OR just let me know what…


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