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9 hours ago

In 2005, Kanye gave us two great gifts; Late Registration, and this clip of him saying George Bush doesn’t care about black people. Fantastic. Late Registration was a great follow up to The College Dropout. No sophomore slump from Ye. CD still hella long though. HELLA. And looking up the…

1 week ago

I am revisiting the 4 Kanye albums that I recognize and love.  The internet will tell you that Kanye has released 7.  Don’t listen to the internet. The first album and dearest to my heart, is The College Dropout.  It was 2004. I too was a college dropout.  I was old…

1 week ago

I’ve been fiddling around with blog things because that’s what bloggers do. Espeically when you realize you haven’t edited the automated configurations in… 6 years. Anyway, IF you subscribe to the blog you might have noticed that you are getting mail a new way or duplicates or it looks different.…

1 week ago

Addy turns 6 in two weeks. I’m not going to be like OMG Kindergarten is the best because it’s still a learning experience for us.  But then again, that’s all parenting has been so far. I’ve been more selective on what i share online and will usually ask her if…


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