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Wednesday Stuff – 05.18.16

May 18, 2016
20160513-IMG_0855 feature

You get words this Wednesday because Pre K Graduation was last week. No tears!


It was also the end of the season dance recital.





We had been asking Addy what the plan was for graduation and if they had been practicing but she just kept saying “it’s a secret”.

Apparently that meant it she and a friend volunteered to sing (what I presume to be the class song) “Let It Go”


They were as organized as you would expect 5 year olds to be.


Especially after a butt joke.



Yay big girl!


So many fake smiles.

Obviously I took video of the singing. I mean are you new here?! (If you are, hello).  It helps A LOT if you already know the words to Let It Go because that’s really the only way to follow.  Addy was a tad shy. A tad.


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#NewMusicMonday – Riot Hearts Rebellion

May 16, 2016
newmusicmonday graphic


Patent Pending – Riot Hearts Rebellion

riot hearts rebellion

Apparently Patent Pending has been a band since 2001.  I’ve never heard of them until I came across a tweet from blogger Avery at ALotOnMyMind.  He has a list of some alternative music she listens to and Patent Pending was new to me so I checked them out on Spotify.

Riot Hearts Rebellion sounds like if OG Fall Out Boy or All American Rejects said more bad words and had Instagram.  Not that any of this is bad but I had lots of Green Day rebellion feels.  Wikipedia notes that this 2015 release was done via social media.

While the songs were upbeat and catchy, I could see myself humming sage advise like”

Naked pictures sound like fun
Until you break up and they make their way to everyone
And all of the creepers
Crankin’ it, spankin’ it, passin’ ’em on,
Postin’ it, showin’ it, blowin’ ’em up.
Don’t take those pictures like you do
Of you in your birthday suit.
You in your birthday suit.

It wasn’t on constant loop.  I gave it one good run. New music is new music.

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#NewMusicMonday – James Blake

May 9, 2016
newmusicmonday graphic


James Blake – James Blake

james blake

Twitter had been making a lot of mention of James Blake and Bella (friend) told me to try him out so I did.

I didn’t like it.

He sounds like how Kanye wishes he sounded when he sang.  It’s not even that it was bad I just…didn’t like it.  I won’t even try the newest album.  I’ll just go back to Daley.

But in other music news, I’m pleased to announce Alabama Shakes is coming to Houston in September.  And I’m going.  Ray LaMontagne will be at the Pavilion the DAY BEFORE but I’m not driving out to the Woodlands twice.  And I don’t want to see Ray in the outside.  In Houston summer.  Why won’t he come to the House of Blues?! 🙁

Mayer Hawthorne will be in town this month with Gabriel Garzon-Montano.  Plus when you buy a show ticket you get a digital download of the new album.  How can I not go to this?!

I also have been following John Mayer on Snapchat (username: johnthekangaroo) which has secured that our love will last forever, we were just going through a rough patch.  He’s also been working on music and was hanging out with Dave Chappelle the other day so my heart is happy.

dave chappelle dancing

No thanks to James Blake.

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Currently Streaming

May 6, 2016

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you might miss the fact that I will live tweet a show no matter when it aired or how many times I’ve seen it.  Usually between midnight an 1am I’ll be tweeting about Troy Barnes because I’m watching Community reruns.  On the weekends, it’s Golden Girls while I’m browising Pinterest.  Obviously I’m over 30.

But I’ve been watching some pretty good things and want to discuss them so what better place than my bloggy blog.

Parks & Recreation – NBC but via Netflix

I never watched this because I also never really watched The Office in real time.  I Netflix binged it and by the time I caught up to real time it was too late to get into Parks & Rec.  Parks & Rec is nothing like The Office aside from the mockumentary style.  The characters love each other and Ron Swanson is hilarious.  I didn’t like the first 3 episodes of the last season because it was in the future (they skip ahead three years) and the show probably should have been over but they did a proper series finale, like Six Feet Under*, so all in all it was a great show.

treat yo self 1

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Netflix

Season 2 of Kimmy dropped (that’s how I talk) on April 15th and I was done with Season 2 on April 15th at 4:00pm CST.  I’ve watched Season 1 no less than 8 times.  Season 2 didn’t have as many legit laugh out loud moments but I also was giggling at some things too long and probably missed more jokes than I wanted to.  Plus nothing can top Peeno Noir.  It keeps with the dark tones of S1 PLUS there’s a ton of Mad Men jokes for obvious reasons.  I also love LOVED the character Tina Fey plays this season.  And Anna Camp plays a hilarious socialite. HILARIOUS.

kimmy schmidt

Catastrophe – Amazon

Someone in my mom’s group on Facebook was like “I’ve been watching this show that’s great but really crass but hilarious and real life.”  I NEVER watch anything on Amazon Prime but I have it so why not.  I gae it a go and was cracking up within the first 10 minutes so it’s a winner. Rob is a Boston guy on a business trip to London when he meets Irish girl Sharon and they hook up for a solid week.  She calls him a few months later to announce that she is pregannt and they have to figure out life from there.  The actors that play the two main characters are also the writers of the show.  Like most British series, they know that too much can be too much, so Season 1 was six 30-minute episodes and so was Season 2.  I was done in two days but I really really want more.  I can’t tell if it’s all the way scripted or if they work with a lose script and improvise some.  No matter. It’s great.


2 Dope QueensPodcast

It’s a new podcast from Jessica Williams (Daily Show) and Phoebe Robinson (writer for Broad City).  They host a stand up night in New York and try to feature female comedians and comedians of color.  It’s hit or miss as comedy goes but I do like the girls.  If you like Broad City, you’ll like 2 Dope Queens.

(via WNYC)

(via WNYC)

Everything hasn’t been great though.  I couldn’t get into the second season of Serial (Podcast).  I think I listened to the first two episodes and just didn’t care.  I might go ahead and binge listen again.

I also tried the first episode of Love on Netflix.  It’s a Judd Apatow show so it’s more real/depressing with bits of funny than lmao funny.

Next up for me is Master of None and probably Grace and Frankie.  I’m also going to give another Amazon show a try so I’m open to suggestions.  We’re also watching The Night Manager on AMC which is slow but probably going to be very great. It’s only 6 episodes but the Brits on Facebook are encouraging us to keep up with it.  My Americaness wants there to be more explosions and killings but I suppose there’s a story to be told.  Plus Tom Hiddleston is in it and you don’t really mind looking at him.

What are you streaming?  Anything that I absolutely need to check out?

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Wordless Wednesday 05.04.16

May 3, 2016

Wordless Wednesday  –  We got a dog edition


This is Bella


Bella don’t like to go for walks. Addy isn’t happy about that.


Addy still loves Bella


Really loves her

Really really loves her

Really really loves her


Bella thinks my camera strap is a chew toy. 3 shots after this she ran into the lens



“Who is that barking”


She got close but must have remembered about the headbutt




“That’s not a real puppy!”

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