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8 hours ago

If you are here for your Wednesday photo, it’s down at the bottom. We went to see Black Panther this weekend. Obviously. We had the shirts.  I bought the Funko Pop! figures. We were ready. And it was glorious.  I’m not going to spoil it.  I’m not going to *over*…

1 week ago

We went to a Fancy Nancy book signing last week. Fancy Nancy is a book series about a little girl that’s fancy AF and the rest of her family is pretty plain Jane. They just released the last of the series, book #80.  The girls were told to come as…

3 weeks ago

Welcome to the Internet, where every day is a thing and every month has a hashtag with associated challenge.  February is #InCoWriMo.  International Correspondence Writing Month. Snail Mail. “Vintage Social Media”.  Basically you spend the month sending out letters and postcards to people. I did not know this was a…


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