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2 weeks ago

Presented without pretext.  Well, except for that sentence. 8. Interview with the Vampire (1994) Vampires are generally sexy, even with the long hair and dead eyes Louis sports in this movie.  It’s a good look for the undead, really.  I could have done without the nails. via GIPHY 7. Cool…

3 weeks ago

It’s the last Tuesday of the month so that means it’s time fort the Add It To My List blog link up with me and Lauren. We recommend things that we would tell each other about in real life. I don’t have a ton this month because I’m deep in…

1 month ago

Paper Goodness I’m doing a thing about the Basics of Bullet Journaling.  If you’re local, come see!   Movies & the Feels We went to see A Wrinkle In Time this weekend.  “We” as in me and my black girl friends that are all 30+.  Addy opted out.  I’ll make…


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