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5 hours ago

Last week was a bad week for women.  They all are.  For my birthday I was trying to decide what good I would do in the world.  I decided to set up monthly donations to Planned Parenthood. Curb Your Enthusiasm is back and it is glorious. Martha and Snoop’s Potluck…

1 week ago


I did a quick check on previous birthday posts, and on my 33rd birthday I assumed in two years I would be full “Get off my lawn” status. I have arrived. Last week, I sent Lauren an email with the subject: “is anything good?” And the opening line was “everything…

3 weeks ago

It’s the last Tuesday of the month.  This is when me and Lauren give you the things we love and if we saw you in real life would aggressively demand you add them to your list.  Ok but seriously, add it.  Add it! Headspace App Normally if someone says “guided…

4 weeks ago

A few months ago I convinced my mom that we needed a membership to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston so I wouldn’t have to shell out dollars the two times a year I wanted to see an exhibit.  There was this very very Instagrammable exhibit that was ending Sunday,…


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