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If this is your first time over here, WELCOME!  All the baby blogging will be over here now.  The old site will still be up because…why not, but you can subscribe the same way.  I think you’ll get all the post from all the sections.  Or you can just bookmark it.

oooh bok boy

Anyway, Addy is 6 months and 4 weeks old.  It’s crazy how fast the time is going by.  Right now she’s very preoccupied with crawling to an object for the sole purpose of standing up against it because right now standing up is the coolest.  Actually she’s starting to get to where she wants to stand up and let go because she wants to stand up on her own.  Whaaaat?! She uses the ottoman at YaYa’s house to hold on and walk around.   At home she likes to use the crate where her toys are kept.  Where is she trying to go so fast?! She’s still tiny so it’s odd to watch her but she’s getting very very good at it.

But I’m very happy that my many many months of conditioning are starting to pay off.  A while ago I told Brownlee that when we give Addy a kiss we should say “kisses” so she knows what they are.  And I think when I read month 6 of “What To Expect the First Year” Brownlee heard me say that if we wanted her to have manners we should add “please” to the end of statements, so he amended it to “kisses please”.   So I would say kisses please but then Addy would try to attack me and eat my face.  Turns out that other babies do that as well and they are in fact trying to give you kisses.  WHO KNEW?! I thought she was just teething on my face (no, still no teeth).  I’m not really cool with open mouth slobber directly in my own mouth, even though it is a super sweet and super cute gesture, but I’m getting the hang of it and let her slobber on my cheek.  Hopefully soon she’ll get the pucker up part, but until then I will take what I can get.

My parents are calling it for her to be walking come Christmas…

Also has anyone seen Up All Night?! It’s hilarious.  And scary that it is my life.

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