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Add It To My List – Feb 2017

Thanks for joining Lauren and I for this month’s Add It To My List blog link up!  We share those things we’ve been meaning to talk to each other about in real life, but just haven’t gotten to that point yet.  Just things that you’ve recently found and enjoyed and would tell your friends to check out. If you’re not a blogger, feel free to add your own list in the comments.  If you are a blogger, add your link !

  1. Jack Black Lip Balm
    Not that Jack Black.  I follow a few beauty bloggers on twitter and saw a few of them highly recommend this lip balm.  Then I checked on Sephora’s site and saw the price tag and I was like forget it.  But they swore by it and said that it worked better than Vaseline because it actually conditions your lips instead of drying it out something something whatever.  I asked the Sephora girl and she said it was the highest selling lip balm they have.  I know they are supposed to be nice and helpful but I’ve been using this lip balm and it’s worth the million dollars (actually $7.50) that it costs. I have the black tea & blackberry flavor. I would say it’s great for winter weather, but I live in Houston and we have forgotten what winter is, but it’s SPF 25 so that’s great too.
  2. Steven Universe
    photo via wikipedia

    Steven Universe is this wonderfully delightful cartoon on Cartoon Network. Yes regular Cartoon Network and not Adult Swim. It’s 12 minutes each episode and it’s precious.  Steven lives in Beach City with the Crystal Gems and tries to manage being 12 and have magical powers and fight space aliens. I know! It’s fantastic.  And highly sapphic but that’s neither here nor there.  It’s a few seasons on Hulu to get you hooked on a Friday night when you’re doing nothing.

  3. Small Great Things

    My friend Kim started a book club and our first selection was Small Great Things by Jodi Piccoult. I didn’t read the synopsis, I just downloaded the book to my Kindle and started reading.  When I got to the second chapter, I had to put the book down and go back to Amazon to see what I just got myself into.  Without spoilers, the book is about a black nurse, and a white supremacist couple.  I was a little anxious about continuing because I felt a way about reading The Help.  I’m not saying the book is perfect or an easy read by any means.  It’s rough.  It’s hard to get through some parts.  But I have not stopped thinking about aspects of the book since I read it and we had a great discussion during the book club meeting.
  4. Book Clubs
    And speaking of books, get with your friends and start a book club! OMG! We went to Lucille’s and ate locally sourced soul food and had drinks (I had prosecco because Lauren and her friends have changed my lifestyle)
  5. Libraries
    And speaking of libraries, yo. YO! Have you downloaded the app from your local library to get free audiobooks and free eBooks?  Do this. Lauren wrote a post about it before. Do this and also go to the library and take people and take your children or children you know.  And also have you seen a Little Free Library near you?  Find it! Take a book. Leave a book. And also look at this fancy library I made Brownlee assemble. It’s Targét’s finest.

    Yoooooooooooooooooooo. #shelfie

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  6. Missing Richard Simmons
    It’s this new podcast and I feel soon everyone will be talking about it. It’s only two episodes in, but this guy that was a producer for The Daily Show is desperately trying to find out why Richard Simmons, yes that Richard Simmons, has cut off communication with everyone in his outside world. I’m sure Lauren is telling you to listen to this too.  It’s only a few episodes in so you won’t be behind.  You won’t realize how much Richard Simmons has been a part of your life.

What have you found lately that’s awesome? What should I be checking out for March?

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  1. I was going to say in mine that we would both probably recommend the same podcast and we didn't really talk about that going in. Great minds and stuff. I read one Jodi Picoult book and it was depressing but you make me want to read this one. I tried to buy a teal bookcase from Ikea this weekend because I want to be like you and it was discontinued, so sad. The lip balm is going on my list. Oh and I told Tig she is doing good in the world by encouraging you to drink bubbles all day. She's excited.

  2. I have Small Great Things in my home, checked out from the library, waiting to be read next.
    There are a few shows that my 9 year old stepkid and I mutually love, and Steven Universe is one of them.

  3. I've started a book club! We had it going for about 2 years but then everyone started having kids and/or moving away. It was fun while it lasted though! I love that shelving unit, especially in teal, that's my favorite color!

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