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Add It To My List – March 2017

It’s time for another list!  Thanks for joining Lauren and I for our monthly Add It To My List linkup where we share items we have added to our whatever list.  The linkup is open for a week so add your blog link below. OR just let me know what you’re checking out this month in the comments.

  1. Record Store Day
    This year Record Store Day is Saturday, April 22nd.  It’s the 10th year!  It’s a great day to get out and shop in your local Indie record store.  It supports shopping local and being a hipster, which are things I do.  Most stores have events but there’s also a slew of special releases.  I have my eyes on a pink press of Deee-lite’s Groove is in the Heart.  Here’s a link to the official Record Store Day special releases. 

    And let’s jam.

  2. Movies Before Books
    I know. I KNOW.  It goes against all things right in the world.  I typically subscribe to the notion that you should read the book before seeing the movie or watching the show but there’s not always time.
    Right now I’m very into the Big Little Lies mini-series on HBO. The mystery is building and if I would have read the book first, but then the show wouldn’t have the same suspense.
    I’m incredibly psyched for The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu.  Like geeked. And I haven’t read the book. <pause for shock>. My dystopia is more around the assigned reading tales of white males so I sucked my teeth at the Ender’s Game trailers years ago and reference 1984 on a daily basis.  But when I read The Leftovers, I tried to watch the series and too much was wrong because they had to stretch it out. So I’m not going to “ruin” The Handmaid’s Tale. I’m going to watch the show. And then geek on the book.
    AND The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks is getting the Oprah treatment on HBO. I’m waiting.  It’s a crazy time in my life.


  3. Prints. Like 4×6 Photos.
    Sunday I was telling Tyrone that N*sync performed at my high school in 1998 and they hung out with us and did teenager things but nobody has record of it because we didn’t bring our disposable cameras to school that day.
    The other day Addy was assigned to bring family photos in for class.  We went to the closet and pulled out one of the year boxes and I was like “wow all the prints stop when you were like four and a half.”
    Cell phone cameras got way better and I got waaaaaay lazier about ordering prints.  Typically I would wait until Shutterfly had a 101 prints free coupon for a holiday and get a few months of photos printed.  When Michael’s had a sale (literally every weekend) I would buy a photo box and keep a year’s worth of pictures in the box.
    As it goes, we spent about 30 minutes just going through the photos and talking about the photo and you just can not do that on a cell phone.  So take the time and upload your photos, cause we all have hundreds in our phones, and get them physically printed out! Do it! I have to tackle 800 wedding photos from two years ago.
    Shutterfly is currently offering “free” prints from their mobile app.  Free means you pay for shipping of course.
  4. S-Town Podcast
    I binged Serial just like everyone else.  Well, Season 1 anyway.  I phased out Season 2. BUT the This American Life and Serial folks are dropping a new podcast and it’s set up to binge.  All the episodes available at once.  Ooooh man. It’s out TODAY!
    More info here.

That’s all I have for this month. What’s on your list?


15 Responses

  1. I read Big Little Lies and loved it. I've only seen one episode of the show though. I decided to what until they were all out and then do a binge! I'm the worst at photo prints. Haven't done any in years. I need to get started now and make it a habit since my girl is so young.

  2. oooh the immortal life of henrietta lacks will make a great tv show/book. i can't wait to see The Handmaid’s Tale as well. i am a weirdo who LOVES to see movies/tv shows of books i've read, even if they do a horrible job. i don't know. it's weird. but i have definitely watched shows or movies before when i have no intention of reading the book. i have read big little lies, so i will watch the show knowing what happens but i am waiting for it to finish so i can binge.

  3. I got like ten photos printed in December. And lost them. I take too many pics of food and my cat and probably don't need those printed, right? Tell me more about S-Town if you start it today. And I want your BLL theories before the finale.

  4. I'm currently in the "should I read it first or watch the show" debacle with Big Little Lies. I'll put your opinion down as a vote in the show's favor 😉 I also just shared Record Store Day with my hipster brother who lives in Columbus. Lol!
    I scrapbook every year of our marriage (just the day to day weddings or weekend trips or baby showers) and it forces me to order prints and make a physical memory keeper. That said, I still need to order prints from our wedding FOUR YEARS AGO to decorate our walls. Lol

  5. I'm so excited about S-Town but I'm tempted to wait until we have a long road trip so we can binge everything at once. I don't know if I'll be able to wait that long. Also, thanks for the reminder on Record Store day 🙂 It's in my calendar

  6. I am so excited about S Town, I am starting it right now! I have been waiting weeks since I saw Serial post about it! I am loving Big Little Lies on HBO now too. I read the book so long ago that I can't remember all of the details so it's almost like I am living it all over again and I am hooked! Just found this link up thanks to Steph at Life According to Steph and am going to join in! 🙂 We have lots in common! I am going to sign up for Hulu now thanks to the Handmaid's Tale PLUS have you seen the trailer for Harlots?! Looks so good!

  7. I'm having the same issue others are having, too, with reading it first and then watching it. I read "Everything, Everything" and I'm pretty sure I won't give a damn about the movie cause the book ending sucked!

    Sandy Claws hooked me up with a 4×6 photo printer a few years ago and although I wanted it for my Project Life shenanigans, it's helped me print photos for around the house, too!

    PS- Twitter login didn't work for my comment :/

  8. I'm in the opposite boat: I loved Big Little Lies as a book and now more or less refuse to watch the show. I love the show The Leftovers and now can never, ever read the book.

    Downloaded the S-Town podcast today too!

    LOL to "we forgot our disposable cameras that day". Exactly.

  9. I miss photo prints too.

    I've read BLL, and this is one time that I wish I hadn't read the book before watching the series. Good call on that one.

    As a music lover, I am a big fan of anyone supporting Record Store Day.

  10. i bought a big pretty photo album last year and said i would memorialize this year of life in it (birthday to birthday). yesterday i saw the book and cussed. lol. but i really am gonna print and get these pics out of my phone! thanks for the reminder.

  11. okay. generally, i'm with you on movies before books. usually watching the movie's the thing that inspires me to read the book. but every now and then, i'll get so excited from the trailer that'll read the book first… because sometimes they. take. forever. to make the movie. case in point: i learned they were making the film version of the time traveler's wife YEARS before the movie was released. that movie, by the way, is the. worst. film. adaptation. EVER.

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