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We’re full into summer mode over here.  There’s more late nights and pizza ordering but still a routine of sorts because Addy’s going back to her old day care for the summer. So no more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  For now.

Brownlee is in grad school and has class on Tuesday nights.  Instead of planning dinner we just pick a restaurant and go out. But the other day we were watching an episode of Teen Titans Go! (ok we watch like 6 episodes a day) and they made a reference to Jumanji so I asked her if she wanted to watch it.

Addy doesn’t do well with anxiety.  Especially in fictional situations.  She goes stereotypical black lady in the theater when we’re watching something.  I thought Jumanji wouldn’t be too bad since it’s old and the graphics ancient but kids were involved and I told her it was an adventure so we sat and watched.  As soon as Kirsten Dunst and her brother started playing the game Addy goes “oh this is a mess.” Hilarity.  She yelled at the kids to stop playing the game.  She yelled at the lion. She just decided to look out of the living room window when the hunter was chasing them through the megastore.  But she wouldn’t let me turn it off at all.  By the time the monsoon hit the living room, she was on the arm of the couch.

For fun, we have a lot of things planned for the summer. The Globetrotters are in town next weekend. We have a trip coming up and Addy gets to fly on a plane.  She refuses to discuss the possibilities of the first grade even though we told her that she’ll be going to the same school.  So we’ll wait to bring that up when it’s time to meet the teacher.

The tooth fairy has visited many, many times.  I gave her my old point and shoot from when she was just a few months old.  So she’s taken up photography.  And there may or may not be videos of her lip syncing on her tablet.  She’s obsessed with Mustangs because she now knows what a sportscar is.

We went to Brazos Bookstore for Pride and a Drag Queen read a story and talked the kids.  We spent the weekend in the country and she’s been insisting on going fishing so Brownlee got her a Rapunzel rod and her Uncle took us out Saturday morning.  There was a big fear of bugs and we didn’t personally bait the hooks, but she did a great job of casting and reeling and caught 3 fish that we then did nothing with.  Experience Points.

The other day we saw a commercial for paper plates and they do that thing where they drop a giant piece of lasagna on the plate to show you how strong it is.  Anyway, she didn’t like how lasagna looked and Brownlee was trying to tell her that she couldn’t say she didn’t like lasagna because she never tried it. (For the record, I don’t like lasagna).

I don’t need to try to lasagna to see if I would like it. Nobody gotta like nothing.


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