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Bre’s Shorts – JoAnna Part 5

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JoAnna assess the situation and figures that it’s best to outright ignore him instead of engaging in a conversation.  It’s been six months.  There’s nothing to discuss.  Plus she was really in the mood for a drink.  Robert follows a few steps behind and talks.  He found her on YouTube and had a friend do a search.  Plus some things are just public record so he was able to track her down seeing as how Middlesex isn’t that big of a town.  He wanted to apologize.  Wanted to get back together maybe.  Or at least have her move back home and see where things went.  He’d even talk to some friends about getting her some studio time and recording a demo tape.


She opened the tin of Fancy Feast, which always dragged the cat out of hiding.  She removed the clothes that always had the slight smell of Reaper.  Reapplied some lip gloss and made her way back downstairs while Robert continued his disseratation.  He must have practiced on his way making the drive.

On the way back down the stairs, Robert mentioned that JoAnna must have gotten a good deal on the apartment since it was so…quaint.  That was real estate talk for too small and too cramped.  He could talk all the smack that he wanted but it didn’t matter now that she had twenty thousand dollars stashed away in savings.  Unprecedented.  She paid off all her old credit cards, made great strides on student debt, and still had the money saved.  Yes it was an odd job but it was totally beneficial.

“Right so…are you not going to say anything,” Robert finally ask as they get to the front door of Nakamura’s Sushi.

“These people are my landlords, so don’t be weird.”

The couple waves to JoAnna and Mr. Nakamura makes winky faces at JoAnna while she motions for two sake bombs.  Mr. Nakamura, still all smiles, comes by with the sake bombs and a few appetizers.

“Very nice to see JoAnna with a young man such as yourself,” he starts. And now Robert is all smiles. “It’s just her and that cat.  All day.  No friends.  Some times she does the music down here.  Some times she does the music up there.  That’s it!  She drinks too much on the weekends.  But now maybe you can keep her occupied.”

“So yeah that’s what I’ve been up to thank you very much Mr. Nakamura ,this is my very very ex cheating boyfriend so there’s that another drink please and thank you.”

Mr. Nakamura removes the drink from in front of Robert and gives it to JoAnna.

But they order food and have rounds and talk and Robert apologizes, genuinely.  Nice conversation and maybe even a little flirting but between just the fun of having someone you actually know and the sake, JoAnna couldn’t tell what was good for her anymore. But she was feeling good and she hadn’t felt that in a long time.

Around ten, she told Robert she was going to check on the cat and then they go could to the IHOP for some pancakes, one of their favorite things they used to do…before.

JoAnna checks herself in the mirror of her bathroom and decides to fluff her hair and fill the cat in on everything.  Maybe they just needed time apart and now they’re both in a better place to be together and the cat might like to make the move, if she (or he) was up for it. Or he (or she) could stay with the Nakamura’s and she would make sure they treated him nicely. The cat seemed indifferent.  And then JoAnna heard the sound of tires screeching and a thud.  And then Mr. Nakamura banging on her door telling her that there was an accident with her maybe or maybe-not boyfriend Mr. Robert.

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