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Add It To My List – September 2017

It’s the last Tuesday of the month.  This is when me and Lauren give you the things we love and if we saw you in real life would aggressively demand you add them to your list.  Ok but seriously, add it.  Add it!

Headspace App

Normally if someone says “guided meditation” then I start on with Fight Club quotes.  Actually there’s not much that won’t make me start on with Fight Club quotes, but I digress. Headspace is an app that gets you to sit and be still for 3 minutes while it guides you through some deep breathing and mediation.  To let your thoughts wander but also be aware of your breathing. It’s a free app, of course with a paid option, but I mean when’s the last time you sat and did nothing but focus on breathing for 3 minutes?

Fenty Beauty

So I was a little leery when Instagram and Twitter had me hyped up for the Fenty Beauty line being released by Sephora.  Normally internet things sell out in seconds only to be re-sold more seconds later on sites for triple the retail value.  But I had a minute and hoped over to Sephora to see what was what and much to my surprise there was no problem dropping the Killawatt highlight duo into my cart.  It wasn’t a fluke either! Rihanna was prepared with tons of product on hand forever and ever amen.  And it wasn’t just a “oh this is cute let me support Rihanna” kind of product.  She made a point to be inclusive and have shades that cover people with albinism all the way to the most melinated.

via sephora

But that highlight tho.  I got the Ginger Binge/Moscow Mule set. Will definitely buy again. AND there’s holiday eyeshadow kits coming soon.

Obviously whatever Shonda Rhimes touches is gold. But she’s launched a website that is part lifestyle blog, part inspirational vlog, part news, part activist, and all awesome.  I’m so glad to have a website that I want to visit everyday.

Hillary Clinton – What Happened
via amazon

This book is long. LOOOONNG. And dry because it’s politics. BUT hear me out.  Read it.  Or get it on audiobook (that’s the route I went but it’s still 16 hours).  She covers what policies she had in place.  Some “day in the life of” stuff.  Some history that I didn’t know, cause I don’t read political books. But it re-energized my anger at everything that’s going on.  It’s such a long fight.  A few weeks ago on Politically Re-Active podcast (for serious, add that to your list too) bell hooks was on.  I haven’t worked out exactly how I feel about bell, but she did say a Buddhist leader told her to keep her anger and use it as compost.  I figure I can channel the anger into doing something worthwhile.  Donating money or volunteering or at the very least donating and demanding change.  So thanks Hills.

Bonus points, here’s a picture of me and Hills circa ’96 when Bill was making his rounds and Hills came to speak to the black kids in Houston. I’m very very much considering a fan letter along with this picture.  We’ll see how fueled up I am by the end of the week.

Which Chris Are You?

My most divisive Facebook tactic is to get people arguing about the hierarchy of the Chrises.  I LOVE THIS GAME.  I love this so much that I took the time to scroll through Google images and come up with a grid of each Chris of equal beard strength to judge accordingly.  It was a painstaking task but if you want to troll, you have to put your thumbs to work.

the chrises

Anyway, they are in the CORRECT RANKING ORDER. It goes Pine, Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt.  FIGHT ME ON THIS I BEG OF YOU.  (Honorable mention: Messina, on account of how adorable he is).


So there is this Which Chris Are You Test and I  implore you take it.

I’m an Evans. Pratt took it and he was Evans. And Evans was like “You aced it.”

Pine being the greatest Chris is the hill I choose to die on.

What’s on your list this month?  Tell me in the comments, or add your link with the button below.  But for real take the test and let me know which Chris you are!



19 Responses

  1. Your ranking of the Chris baes + the inclusion of Messina is so incredibly accurate I could scream it from the top of the mountains. Definitely going to look into that Headspace app!

  2. OMG you and Hillary Clinton, how did you not post that everywhere pre election? Please send the fan letter. I was wondering if the book was worth it; currently in a slump but I may grab it soon. And when I have room on my phone, I’ll get the headspace app. And what is Chris Pine even in? Please school me on all Chrises. Thanks for keeping the list alive this month!!

  3. On my list.. getting the Chronicle to have an app, cause why don’t you have an app, I’m a digital subscriber? What the heck… Downloading the NYT app, cause again, digital subscriber. My new goal is to drink coffee and read the news at poolside in the morning, cause that’s the kind of life I want to live. Adding Shondaland and Fenty to the list, cause.. well, why not. I have nothing new for the list this week, but I’m going to apply myself. Also, Pine, Pratt, Hemsworth, Evans.

    • word around town is that it’s about to actually feel decent outside so i’m very much looking forward to outside coffee in the morning (on the weekends as my weekday morning routine does not provide leisure time) so yes the Chronicle needs an app for these sorts of things.
      also your Chris listing is like the first I’ve heard in that order.

  4. That Chris thing is HILARIOUS. I recently quizzed my husband on which Chris is which. He did surprisingly well. I’m also super interested in reading Hilary’s book .The second I have some reading time, it’s happening.

  5. I’m laughing so hard at some of these. Especially the Chris test. I can tell you right now I am PRATT all the way (followed by Pine), but let me take the test quick…
    According to the quiz it’s Evans BUT IT’S WRONG. Lol

    • I got Evans when I took the test and I am not disappointed because his Infinity Wars Cap beard is EPIC and the description was delightful but in the grand scheme of things it’s PineOverEverything.

  6. I’m 100% with you on Pine and LOVE that you added Messina! I got Evans when I took the test, womp, womp. (He’s below Pratt, imo.) I’m just about done with Hillary’s book and love it. I’ve read all her books and love them and love her, so it’s no surprise. I can’t believe you met her! And got a selfie before selfies were really a thing! Amazing.

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