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I did a quick check on previous birthday posts, and on my 33rd birthday I assumed in two years I would be full “Get off my lawn” status.

I have arrived.

Last week, I sent Lauren an email with the subject: “is anything good?” And the opening line was “everything is the worst”.

I finished listening to Hillary Clinton’s book and one of my main takeaways was to focus on one thing that you can do good while we quickly spiral downward as a people.  Sometimes there is so much that needs to be done or fixed we give up and do nothing.  Pick one thing that you have even a slight passion for and give to that.  Time or money or spread the word or all three.  So this year I am going to pick a cause and give money and possibly even time to an organization that does something to make life a little more bearable.

Saturday my aunt told me I needed to do something fun because “you only turn 35 once” to which I replied, “you only turn every age once” (she quickly gave me some paopao). But seriously, don’t wait for any special occasion to do anything you want to do.  If that means you want a ridiculous subscription service that sends you new pens every month, you just get it.  If it just happens that it coincided with your birthday then so be it. (these are they).  I’m also going to see Spoon for the 5th? 6th? time this weekend (which would have happened anyway) and Addy insists it is not your birthday until someone sings at you with a pastry in your face so we’re doing that as well.


Lil Sebastián bday shiz. #stolethisparty #thisis35

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