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I got a new tattoo.  I would say on a whim but a quick search of this very blog shows that I was just due for one.  I had been incredibly <insert more appropriate word for “obsessed”. let’s go with “enamored”.> with this picture I saw Pinterest and needed to have it.  Yes I have a pin board for tattoo.  And most years from October 1 – October 31 I will claim things I need in the name of my birthday.  No, I don’t make a deal about celebration but I do take advice from the great poet Lil’ Flip.

If you see it, want it. Buy it. Own it.

And I also do not like to wait so I text my tattoo guy and he said it wouldn’t take more than 10 minutes and he could fit me in.  That’s what loyalty gets you.  A squeeze in.

In 2015 when I got my shoulder cap, I was entertaining the idea of making it into a half sleeve.  And while I’m not going to commit to that idea, I am a little close than I was before.  Most of the times tattoos are just a permanent symbol of who you were at a particular time in your life.  But this one is just me all the time.

photo cred: Addy
photo cred: Addy

It took a total of 3 Cake songs.

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