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New Orleans – with Words and Pictures on a Wednesday

We went to New Orleans right before Christmas.  We had plans and plane tickets to go for Labor Day weekend but then we had a hurricane to deal with and here we are.  Addy wanted to take a plane trip and Southwest wanted to have a cheap deal so why not.  It’s 45 minutes from Houston to New Orleans airports and another 20 minutes in a cab from the NO Airport to the French Quarter where we stayed.

I debated taking my big camera because it’s cumbersome but we did go full tourist and went to the aquarium and took a double decker bus around the city.  I’ve been to New Orleans a ton of times but never with a family unit (we went, my mom, dad, and sister too) and never as a touristy tourist.  It’s always always a fantastic city and we had a great tour bus lady (she used the word “gentrified” several times). We even caught a second line.  I had at least 2 dozed charbroiled oysters.  Those were my highlights.  Addy’s favorite part was that we could see mardi gras beads in the trees and on the street signs and there was a McDonald’s across the street from the hotel.  We also went to the Rodrigue gallery and she learned the Blue Dog’s name is actually Tiffany cause she didn’t believe me when I said “it’s just the blue dog” and asked the curator.  And we stopped and watched a lot of street performers in Jackson Square.

Addy and Tiffany

We ate a lot. We walked A LOT. We had a great time and we didn’t have to run through the airport like the McCallisters on Christmas Eve.

Here’s some videos and photos.



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Bourbon. Obvs.
these penguins are…how do i put this delicately…doing it

there wasn’t an event. people just go to the market dressed old timey. possible vampires.

they took the Jackson monument off the top. viva la resistance.

Headed Home
Addy and Tiffany

the Roosevelt Waldorf Astoria hotel goes all out in the lobby for Christmas and lets you loiter!

i ate at least 7 of these @ ACME

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