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I know it’s New Year’s Resolutions time but this blog is not really about that.  The biggest thing I had to work on was sorting out which notebooks and stuff I would be carrying around with me at all times.  I bought a Traveler’s Notebook because it was pretty but I really want to fill up my bullet journal before I start to do a new thing.  (If you like notebooks and journals and stuff like that, you can follow me on @paperfiles on Instagram cause I needed to compartmentalize my feeds.)

Anyway, in an effort to fill it up, I’ve been doing more brain dumps lately.  There’s no technical correct or incorrect way to brain dump. But instead of taking my notes on podcasts and books or reminders to self, in a tiny purse notebook, I write them all in my bullet journal. Funsies.

Here’s some of the stuff I’ve written about words and wordly sites that I find useful and fun for other wordy types (probably you, the person reading this):

Boho Berry

She’s an extremely artsy person but I love her Instagram feed and she gives some good tips on bullet journal stuff and is great at handlettering.  She has a Facebook group, which I don’t plan on joining because I don’t need another one, but her newsletter is worth signing up for.  And you get access to some website freebies which include bullet journal trackers, mandala coloring pages, and lined stationery.

Trina O’Gorman

Her Instagram account is @warriorwriting but she talks about journaling and purposeful writing.  I really just like to watch how she fills up the pages in her traveler’s notebook.  Instead of writing in straight lines,  there’s concentric circles/squares, and stuff takes off in different directions.  It would drive me absolutely nuts but it ain’t my IG feed.

She writes about the importance of keeping a notebook. I keep several! At all times! I have drawers full of unused ones and I can’t stop buying pretty ones. Or functional ones.  Or ones on sale.

Trina also has a few courses that she offers online and you can sign up for daily emails that encourage you to write for 15-20 minutes a day.  There’s also a weekly subscription that’s just a few bucks a month that I might consider trying maybe just a little we’ll see what happens in a few months.

I have been searching for Drew, the young guy who is homeless, because homeless is a situation and not an identity. — I can’t find him. We all need help sometimes and it’s so hard to admit it. In other news, my older son will travel to Disney to march with his school marching band. I made sure he’d be able to take advantage of that opportunity, knowing that my younger son and I would not actually be able to go see him. Being newly divorced means that Disney isn’t in the budget for us for a while. But my friends are amazing and an extraordinarily special friend just gave me two round trip plane tickets to Disney for Christmas. There’s more to the story of making Disney happen for the O’Gormans and so many people involved. I must stop and write it all. — And, I will keep looking for Drew. We all need each other.

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Allison’s Post on being a Writer vs. being a Blogger

Lauren and Allison are friends and Lauren shared Allison’s post that I couldn’t read at the time but saved to Pocket.  Allison writes about how the assumptions of being a blogger and blogging and actually just wanting to have a space to write are all different things.

I’m not a blogger who occasionally writes; I’m a writer who has a blog.  

A. WORD!  While I do give into the occasional “please share” or “enter to win a Starbucks gift card if you share this post” stuff that is not the purpose of this space.  It’s because I need a space to say the stuff I want to say.  If this was 25 years ago, you might have just gotten a print out of a partially completed fiction piece on a print out from a floppy disk I kept on me to visit my mom’s job and use the printer.  Or I’d use Word 3.1 and make you a tri-fold flyer or newsletter. Either way.

Angst, Ennui, or Weltschmerz

I was having quite the existential day and took to Facebook to commiserate, which is typically saved for Twitter, but I had an actual question.  Sometimes if I stare in the mirror too long, I start to question existence.  It’s not as quick as that but then again, it is.  Anyway, I asked if there was a word for it…in any language, can often times English is lacking.  And while I didn’t find the answer (yet), I did find this old Mental Floss post about if you have angst, ennui, or weltschmerz. YES!

Lastly I enjoyed this tweet from @rudetuesday so much I took the time to type it out with my own fingers in Photoshop to make this.


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  1. I really like Allison’s piece. I’ve been blogging since 2006 and have little to no interest in what it has become. I just like to write, so I do. I don’t care about SEO or ad-blogging or any of the other stuff that seems so integral now.

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