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Women’s March 2018 – with pictures

Lauren and I met up this weekend to participate in the Women’s March.  Lauren was ready with her signs and everything.  I was ready with my umbrella.  Texas weather has been all four seasons this week.

Anyway, this year’s march compared to last year’s just had a different vibe to me.  Last year I was angry and fired up and this year I am angry but in a tired, downtrodden way.  Again, it could have been the weather, I honestly don’t know how people north of I-20 deal with actual winter.  But while 2017 was a clear-ish message of fighting for women’s rights and making an attempt to smash the patriarchy, this year’s march seemed to be a general “Here Is A List of Things We Hate About This Administration.”  Which yes, is warranted but…right now?  A guy started off some chants to get everyone riled up and a lady near me was like “let the women’s speak!” and we went through the myriad of chants like “trans rights are human rights”, “black lives matter”, “my body my choice/her body her choice”, “we want DACA”, “something something Tr*mp must go.”  All facts.

Kam Franklin from The Suffers sang the hell out of the National Anthem.  There was a speaker about getting out to vote.  A mom against gun violence.  Ex Mayor Anise Parker telling us

a march that does not become a movement is just a really nice walk.

Current Mayor Sylvester Turner also talked to us about inclusiveness.  That was a major complaint last year that women of color and other marginalized groups did not feel fully represented.  I did see more signs to that affect this year.  Listen to Black Women. But then you get home and you read the article that someone put a pink hat on the Harriet Tubman statue and you *know* it wasn’t a black chick that did it.  And you see PETA people with their dogs like “dogs lives matter too” and “we march for all females”.  Oh PETA.

Anyway, there is a March For Black Women taking place in Houston March 3rd.  I don’t think is a national movement but it’s local and that’s where action needs to start.  I looked up the schedule to get certified as a volunteer deputy to be able to register people to vote.  I still have copies of The Hate U Give that need to be delivered.  So I do have my action…I just don’t see myself doing another Women’s March.

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2 Responses

  1. I’m so glad you wrote your thoughts (mine were interrupted by whatever it was I was trying to say today). I think it needed focus this year – I mean voting rights are surely important, but a misplaced message with that crowd. I’m happy I showed up (and that you did too, with an umbrella) and I don’t know that I will not attend in the future as it’s still cool to see this swatch of Houston, but I do hope for stronger messaging and purpose in 2019. I’ll text you updates, don’t worry!

  2. I was in DC last year and Philly this year. The vibe was definitely different – more tired. Last year I think people were angry and scared and this year, angry but tired and ready.

    I also saw a lot more white women this year with signs indicating they are thinking about intersectionality. And men with signs about trusting women etc. I hope they’re not just thinking about it but are actually living it. All of us or none of us.

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