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Add It To My List – Feb 2018

We’re back!  Lauren and I are bringing back Add It To My List.  The monthly psuedo linkup where we share things we would tell each other “Add this to your list!” in real life. If you have a post that you want people to check out, add it to the link up below.  Or just tell me in the comments.

The Nap Ministry – @thenapministry

This is a thing. They believe that naps are a form of resistance.  But mostly their Instagram is very entertaining and informative and I mean it’s dedicated to naps.

And speaking of Instagram, Will Smith has joined recently and is killing it.  PEAK DAD VIBES.

The Wedding Date

An incredibly cute RomCom novel where the meet cute is a black woman and white guy getting stuck in the elevator together. The sex scenes can get a little *heated* but it’s not vulgar.  It was a nice reprieve from some heavier stuff I’ve been reading and also just every regular day life.  That’s what RomComs are for.

via goodreads

Black Panther

Obviously. (here’s me gushing about it in another post.)

A Fountain Pen

Ok.  Y’all know I love all things paper and stationery and all that (@brewritesetc on Instagram).  I went to Dromgoogle’s, a local pen shop, and asked the lady what was a good beginner fountain pen.  She recommended a Pilot Metropolitan ($12-18 depending on where you buy).  It takes cartridge ink and bottled ink.  I bought some turquoise gray ink and some gray ink along with a few sets of cartridges.  The pen is fantastic.  The paper folks on Instagram (this is a whole culture) LOVE their Lamy pens so I bought one as well ($28+).  It’s okay.  It’s like the Apple of fountain pens.  Really, just nice and pretty.  Anyway has a great write up on fountain pens for beginners.  It’s really my new life.  Ball points are too finicky now.


I *would* recommend The Ordinary skincare brand that is hella cheap and very very good but it’s been sold out at Sephora since the week it came out and now I am running low on the serum and the moisturizer I used and that’s what I get for relying on web-based only goods and that’s why we still need brick and mortar stores because I am not proactive enough to order anything before I run out of it.  Who even does that.

So what recommendation are you giving this month? Add your post to the link below or just let me know in the comments!


6 Responses

  1. But you have to go full disclosure here and tell them about pen upkeep, Bre. I was totally sold til you told me about all the work for all that pretty (so lazy). The Wedding Date has been on my TBR forever since the Fug Girls (who wrote The Royal We) talked about it a ton – gotta check on my library holds.

  2. So happy you guys brought the linkup back! I’ll probably catch Black Panther when it comes to the ‘flix because though I see most superhero movies in the theater, I’ve never even heard of this character. I have heard a lot of praise for it though. Going to check out that book, thanks for the rec!

  3. Ahhh fountain pens brings me back to my school days. We moved from writing in pencil to fountain pen at around 7 or 8, and we used to collect empty cartridges. We were definitely not allowed to use biros and I was perpetually covered in ink.

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