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10 months ago

#NewMusicMonday The Search for Everything – John Mayer So after two “waves” John Mayer finally released his new album. Meh. It’s more of that one album that I bought and didn’t listen to but once (Battle Studies) and probably not much like that Montana Mountain Man Music of Born &…

1 year ago

#NewMusicMonday Childish Gambino – Awaken, My Love Right. So after giving us Atlanta, Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino, gave us Awaken, My Love.  It’s only been out a few days but it’s all I’ve listened to and it is… A while ago on this very blog, I gushed about Donald’s…

1 year ago

#NewMusicMonday NxWorries – Yes Lawd! Right, so if you’ve watched the NFL on a Sunday this fall, you’ve heard some of Anderson .Paak.  I listened to him not too long ago for #NewMusicMonth and he’s been doing a lot of things since.  He’s teamed up with producer Knxowledge (obviously X…

1 year ago

#NewMusicMonday Norah Jones – Day Breaks Every year when magical things happen in October, I call them birthday miracles.  Some time in August I was checking to see what Norah Jones was up to and didn’t see much, so I signed up for email notifications because I felt it was…


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