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Welcome to Bre Writes!

This is my space on the Internet where I discuss being a parenting, movie watching, book reading, Netflix binging, music listening, coffee drinking, human being.  At any and all times I will make a reference to The Simpsons or Fight Club.


At times I like to get my act together and write short pieces of fiction.  Every November I will say “you guys I’m really going to do NaNoWriMo” and really attempt it but then well…here we are.

I love taking pictures so there’s always some Wordless Wednesday pictures to be posted.

I’m all over the Internet so feel free to contact me on all of the things.  But mostly, stick around read a bit.

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It’s Me!

This is my blog! I talk about the kid. I do some writing. I take a lot of pictures. And every now and then I'll write some fiction.


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