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2 months ago

It’s Addy’s birthday. Hooooomg. 7. SEVEN. She’s a certified “big kid” and wakes up on her own and gets dressed and comes in our room in the morning like “oh, still sleep. hmph look at me ready for the day and such”.  We did a bunch of stuff for #DontGiveASix. …

4 months ago

Y’all!  It snowed in Houston.  I’ve been a Houstonian all my life.  It snowed in the 6th grade.  It snowed in 2004 (I was in Malaysia).  It snowed in 2008.  And it snowed Friday. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this photo of me excited and…

6 months ago

With words. Summer is over.  I had to wear a sweater this morning and it will be sweater time for real this weekend.  But I’m not complaining.  I dare you to look outside and tell me October isn’t the best month. Anyway Addy has befriended the kid on the other…


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