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7 years ago

Addy’s in the swing chilling HARD so i figured i’d give everyone a quick update. i changed the blog layout! look at the new ticker and the pretty little picture! i’m sure it will change from time to time. ironically, saturday i had started a “wrap up pregnancy” blog with…

7 years ago

i got the pictures from the work shower from a coworker.  so if you want to see them then check them out here. also i updated the progression pictures page so go check that out too. my ticker is in the low teens.  less than 2 weeks to go.  i…

7 years ago

i had my work shower yesterday.  they seriously got just about everything that we had left on the registry.  like i figured they’d put in and get a gift card or something like that and i had been good and didn’t stalk the registry. we had planned to go get…

7 years ago

so what i did a blog yesterday and brownlee did a blog today. i’m blogging again. i had my weekly doctors visit today.  AGAIN my blood pressure was high when i went in there.  was it the quiznos and half and half lipton (sidebar: lipton makes a half tea half…

7 years ago

Hey there BabyNoNamer’s, I know it has been a while since I shared my thoughts, but it’s kind of hard to put all this stuff into words.  Since my last post about a month ago, I still think pretty much the same thing….this pregnancy is flying by because it’s almost…


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