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2 weeks ago

It’s time for another list!  Thanks for joining Lauren and I for our monthly Add It To My List linkup where we share items we have added to our whatever list.  The linkup is open for a week so add your blog link below. OR just let me know what…

1 month ago

It’s my final FriYe y’all.  For now anyway. We covered The College Dropout, Late Registration, and Graduation. Now we’re up to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. But Bre, what about 808’s and Heartbreak? WHAT ABOUT IT?! In 2007, Kanye suffered the tragic loss of his mother. He went through a…

1 month ago

The year was 2007.  The beef was astronomical.  The heat was on.  The heat was oh-hon. Kanye West and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson were both set to release their third LP on the same day.  And we were victims of the greatest lie of the 21st century. 50 Cent swore…


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