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6 days ago

We went to a Fancy Nancy book signing last week. Fancy Nancy is a book series about a little girl that’s fancy AF and the rest of her family is pretty plain Jane. They just released the last of the series, book #80.  The girls were told to come as…

2 months ago

I took Addy to Montrose Studios to take pictures just cause. It’s a home they’ve renovated to have different themes in each room. You can take your own photos or have them take photos for you. (This isn’t an ad it’s just a great space for photos). Photo Dump!

2 months ago

Y’all!  It snowed in Houston.  I’ve been a Houstonian all my life.  It snowed in the 6th grade.  It snowed in 2004 (I was in Malaysia).  It snowed in 2008.  And it snowed Friday. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this photo of me excited and…


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