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2 weeks ago

It’s time for another list!  Thanks for joining Lauren and I for our monthly Add It To My List linkup where we share items we have added to our whatever list.  The linkup is open for a week so add your blog link below. OR just let me know what…

1 month ago

Thanks for joining Lauren and I for this month’s Add It To My List blog link up!  We share those things we’ve been meaning to talk to each other about in real life, but just haven’t gotten to that point yet.  Just things that you’ve recently found and enjoyed and…

2 months ago

I’ve been fiddling around with blog things because that’s what bloggers do. Espeically when you realize you haven’t edited the automated configurations in… 6 years. Anyway, IF you subscribe to the blog you might have noticed that you are getting mail a new way or duplicates or it looks different.…

2 months ago

Thanks for joining Lauren and I for our very first Add It To My List link up! We’re listing our favorite items this month that we think you should add to your list.  Add your blog to the link up below to see what everyone else is loving.  And if…

3 months ago

My cousin passed away New Year’s Eve Eve.  It wrapped up the a’int shitness of 2016 in the most shit way. So I’ve been unsure about what to do exactly.  I mean you do the things you need to do and check on people and grieve and run errands cry…

5 months ago

A catch-all cause I just realized my last post was about a gap year but I didn’t mean that as “I’m not blogging”. Adele I saw Adele in concert on election night. Adele is the best British friend you need to have in your life.  She’s amazing and at first we…


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