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2 weeks ago

Welcome to Add It To My List! Me and Lauren’s monthly link up to share items you need to add to your list. I’ve been on the hunt for some new podcast so there are a few I’ve added for this month’s list. LeVar Burton Reads Podcast OMG Y’all.  LeVar…

1 month ago

It’s the last Tuesday of the month! Time to link up with Lauren and I to share your recommendations for the month.  Anything that you’ve really enjoyed that you would pass on to your friends in real life.  Add It To My List! Gabourey Sidibe’s – This Is Just My…

2 months ago

It’s the last Tuesday of the month so that means it’s time for me and Lauren to give you things to add to your list!  If you have a post or would like to follow the linkup, please check at the link up below.  Or just leave a comment and…

3 months ago

Last week Brazos Bookstore hosted a Bullet Journal 101 class and I had to attend because 1) I love the bookstore, obviously (see: Bridal Portraits), 2) it was free, and 3) I’m really into the *look* of bullet journals but need to practical learn what’s the what. Bullet Journaling is…

3 months ago

Earlier this year in true non-resolution tradition, I said this year I want to focus more on writing.  Because “more” is relative and not measurable but basically writing anything would be more than what I wrote last year. In an attempt to act as if, I did take some measures…


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