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3 weeks ago

Welcome to the Internet, where every day is a thing and every month has a hashtag with associated challenge.  February is #InCoWriMo.  International Correspondence Writing Month. Snail Mail. “Vintage Social Media”.  Basically you spend the month sending out letters and postcards to people. I did not know this was a…

4 weeks ago

Lauren and I met up this weekend to participate in the Women’s March.  Lauren was ready with her signs and everything.  I was ready with my umbrella.  Texas weather has been all four seasons this week. Anyway, this year’s march compared to last year’s just had a different vibe to…

2 months ago

I know it’s New Year’s Resolutions time but this blog is not really about that.  The biggest thing I had to work on was sorting out which notebooks and stuff I would be carrying around with me at all times.  I bought a Traveler’s Notebook because it was pretty but…

2 months ago

It’s almost a new year.  This year was incredibly stressful if you paid attention to the news or lived with people that watched the news or got news in passing or just lived in America.  Anyway when it’s  a new year, people tend to make resolutions.  And the new new…

4 months ago

Hey! It’s the last Tuesday of the month so it’s time for the Add It To My List linkup.  Where Lauren and I and you share all the things we’d tell each other to check out in real life.  If you have any recommendations, add it in the comments, or…


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