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1 month ago

Hey! It’s the last Tuesday of the month so it’s time for the Add It To My List linkup.  Where Lauren and I and you share all the things we’d tell each other to check out in real life.  If you have any recommendations, add it in the comments, or…

1 month ago

Otis. (2011) Collaboration on the Watch the Throne album with Jay. Best lyric: “last week I was in my otha otha Benz.” Bonus points for grilled out Ye. Bonus bonus points for this looking like two besties just having a good ass time.   Mercy. (2012) Cruel Summer album. I…

1 month ago

I got a new tattoo.  I would say on a whim but a quick search of this very blog shows that I was just due for one.  I had been incredibly <insert more appropriate word for “obsessed”. let’s go with “enamored”.> with this picture I saw Pinterest and needed to…

2 months ago

Last week was a bad week for women.  They all are.  For my birthday I was trying to decide what good I would do in the world.  I decided to set up monthly donations to Planned Parenthood. Curb Your Enthusiasm is back and it is glorious. Martha and Snoop’s Potluck…

2 months ago


I did a quick check on previous birthday posts, and on my 33rd birthday I assumed in two years I would be full “Get off my lawn” status. I have arrived. Last week, I sent Lauren an email with the subject: “is anything good?” And the opening line was “everything…


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