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2 years ago

I met up with a new new friend for coffee and real life interaction.  Yay internet friend dates. It was a few hours after SCOTUS decided that marriage is marriage and everyone should be able to do it and while we discussed it and were happy for the people that…

3 years ago

A lot has been going on.  On Earth I mean.  I considered writing this last week but thinking it would be best not to because things can be convoluted when you’re right in the middle of them.  But here we are a week later and I still got the feels.…

3 years ago

We’ve had a hectic week around here. Lots of things goings on. In no particular order: I saw fireworks from 26,000 feet We came home to water pouring from the walls My mom cooked us yummy porkchopchicken Chicago O’Hare airport is infinitely the worst Our “new” (read: different) apartment is…

4 years ago

I found another gray hair today. I am also battling a horrific acne outbreak. I’m 31 years old.  What part of the game is this?  It’s starting to get to the point where I might have to do something about this.  Like start a regimine?  I don’t have the something…

5 years ago

I have a severe love/disgusted relationship with Quentin Tarantino.  As in I equally love his movies and hate them for their awesomness, hilarity, ridiculousness, blatant ripoffery, and overratedness.  They’re too popular to be cult classics, too good to not be B rated, chock full of decent to good actors, and…

5 years ago

Brownlee likes to make fun of my…unique sense of style.  What?  You never seen someone wear Chucks before?  Ok maybe it’s not THAT unique but oftentimes I find things I really really really love.  And nobody else loves them so the company just stops making them and I have to…


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