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3 years ago

The internet will ruin everything you love.  Or increase your love tenfold and then quickly and viciously ruin it. Everything. While the debate has been going on for months as to Bill Cosby’s innocence or guilt (but mainly just how many women, and if you think otherwise you can kindly…

3 years ago

Addy takes swim lessons on Wednesdays.  And back in ballet on Fridays.  Fortunately the swim school is next to day care and the ballet teacher comes into the school Friday afternoons.  And now Brownlee wants to get Addy into soccer (the open practices, league doesn’t start till age 4), which…

3 years ago

We’re back from Mexico! So let the blogging commence. First things first, I must delete my wedding board on Pinterest. Now that that’s done, here are the wedding deets (mostly for Lauren’s sake). Dress I had a simple dress. Sideways rouching or bunching or whatever.  We added a belt and…

4 years ago

My little princess is very much into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Fortunately we have not had to suffer through the movie version, but we do watch a lot of the Nickelodeon cartoon version. At first I was like “this is trash” but the turtle’s personalities are the same even if…

4 years ago

Canada I was in Canada last week for work.  Calgary specifically.  Nothing too exciting going on as it was for work but I did get up to Calgary tower and stood on the glass bottom for a selfie of sorts. According to their website, in addition to Calgary already being…


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