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5 months ago

Read Part 1 and Part 2 first.  Klaus Haugen was born on a hillside in Norway.  One of seven children.  Oldest of four boys, but stuck in between some of the girls.  He tended to the farm and helped his sisters clean and take care of the other children.  And when his…

6 months ago

Yes you have to read Part 1 first. For decades, the Department of Human Services has employed the living and no longer living.  Four month ago, JoAnna found herself in a new city after a series of unfortunate events, with an old Jeep full of her belongings and enough money to…

7 months ago

Remember when I said I was going to start writing?  Well I started.  I don’t have a catchy title for this yet.  And it’s a twice abandoned NaNoWriMo but let’s see where it goes yes? JoAnna threw the blanket over her head and rejected the fact that Monday morning was…

2 years ago

here’s some fiction.  i know, write!  There’s never been a story written about Zeni, Rapunzel’s next door neighbor.  Well, not until now anyway. Zeni was born to a king and queen in the kingdom of Provincia.  They were a beautiful couple.  King Rufus was a strong king, but also kind…

5 years ago

So my buddy Scotty wrote a book. Buy it. But he also created an author Facebook page and has been giving prompts. Yay. Monday morning write-up! Ernest Hemingway maintained that his finest work was a short story he wrote on a $10 bet. Someone bet him he couldn’t write an…

5 years ago

Imagine you are a goldfish trapped in a little fish bowl.  How do you get through the boredom of everyday life? This summer break thing is killing me.  Apparently humans have a different schedule during summer than they do during…whatever is not summer.  So when I first got here I…


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