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5 months ago

A few months ago I convinced my mom that we needed a membership to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston so I wouldn’t have to shell out dollars the two times a year I wanted to see an exhibit.  There was this very very Instagrammable exhibit that was ending Sunday,…

10 months ago

And a story. About this picture. The sculptures are hyper realistic.  Obviously. Like to the hair on the legs and wrinkles on backs etc. So Addy asks about the umbilical cord and why the baby has it and I give a quick talk on how sometimes a baby comes out…

2 years ago

Me and Cassandra went to go see this exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston called “Pay $36 to Stand in a Box and Instagram Photos for 4 Minutes”. Worth it. Technically it’s the Kusama: At the End of the Universe exhibit and it’s cool and existential and you’ll really…

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