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Things look a little different around here huh? Well I hope you like it.  Since I signed up for the Houston Blogger Symposium, I was looking at some of the other attendees blogs and got itchy for a little redesign.  I really liked the old layout, but it only featured two categories, and since I’ve been *trying* to do more writing, I wanted to make sure it was featured.  Plus the pictures and title didn’t always give you an idea of what the post was about so I wanted at least the start out there so you could read on.
I think it’s pretty cool.  Of course 121 Creative Solutions helped on the header and some other things here and there.

Anyway, besides the layout and the excerpts you can also see I’ve added the Instagram photos.  Yay!  I mostly don’t take inappropriate photos.  Most are Addy or #photoaday pics.  But whatever.  I figured out how to change the size of the GoodReads stuff so you can kinda see what I’m reading.  If anyone ever paid attention anyway.  The Twitter app barely worked on the footer anyway, so we’ll see how this new sidebar one goes.  I considered having two columns but that seemed like too much, especially since I have a netbook and only slightly bigger than my phone screen.  The buttons and links are still in tact and I’m sure my blogroll will be getting a little longer.  That’s not a bad thing.

I got a cute siggy that I need to figure out how to add to the bottom of posts.  It requires me to understand some HTML and I don’t want to do that so we’ll see if I can finagle some workarounds.


I’m going to try to be a better blogger.  Meaning I read a ton of blogs on my reader every day but only really comment on about 10% of them.  If that.  And then it’s usually a tweet like hey you, you were funny today.

And I’m still doing regular blog posts on The Writerz Block, and I just started as a contributor on My Latest Distraction.  WOO!

So hope you like it.  And of course there will be some slight changes here and there.  Maybe WordPress will work from my damn phone now since it’s a WordPress made layout.  Fingers crossed.

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    • I’m pretty excited to go through all the attendees blogs before actually meeting them. But it’s good to have some bloggy friends actually live in my city. Fingers crossed for WordPress too!

  1. OMG! So today i installed an app just for reading blogs. And now look at me! Actually catching up on subscriptions…. and…drumroll….COMMENTING! I want to be a better blogger too! Hope to see more from you on MLD 🙂

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