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#NewMusicMonday – February & March 2017

A quick catch up of what I’ve been listening to the past few weeks.

Syd – Fin

My sister was going on about The Internet and how much she loves them (The Internet is the name of a band).  The lead singer Syd came out with a solo album.  I gave it a quick once over and it was very R&B Smooth, just not enough for me to binge at that time.  I’d definitely come back to it again though.

Jidenna – The Chief

Jidenna has put out a few singles and goes with the persona that he is Nigerian royalty.  He’s a melodic rapper with great production.  The semi title track Long Live the Chief was featured on Luke Cage (which I haven’t watched).  But the album tells some stories about how it actually would be if you were Nigerian royalty.  It’s extremely On Brand. Bambi is a jamma.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – II

If I’m not in the mood for a particular album, I’ve been letting Spotify do more of the work for me with their playlist. Soul Lounge and Essential Indie are my staples.  So when I heard this song “So Good at Being In Trouble” I stopped everything and found the album to stream. Unknown Mortal Orchestra is credited as an New Zealand-American band because of the founder having New Zealand and American heritage. So it gives me lots of Tame Impala / Arctic Monkey vibes. Incredibly indie and for whatever reason, very lo-fi. I’m not complaining whatsoever. I loved the album for those reasons.

Spoon – Hot Thoughts

This is the 9th studio album from Spoon. I own all 9 albums in multiple formats and some live downloads and some b-sides.  I’ve seen them in concert 4 times.  This album is just like every other Spoon album in some way but also very different.  Of course I love it.  As of now my favorite song is “WhisperI’llListenToHearIt”.

Nikka Costa – Nothing Compares 2 U

Nikka Costa is a long love of mine. She did a crowd funding for a new album but that got finished and picked up by a label so there will be a full on label whatever they do to complete an album blah blah. Either way she did a cover of Nothing Compares 2 U and there will be a new album out soon. GAAAAHHHH! Here’s a link that has a Soundcloud stream.

Gorillaz – Humanz

Gorillaz have released 4 singles from their upcoming album.  Again, I don’t know why this is the new thing but I instantly jammed to it.  If you do not know what Gorillaz are, it’s a virtual band, which means you don’t know who’s behind the characters that are doing the singing but they bring lots of great friends along with them.  Two of the tracks released are very hip hop while the other two are…not? It’s not rock and it’s not pop.  But it’s not not those things. And that is Gorillaz.  Full album out April 28th.

What have you been listening to?

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  1. so the spotify daily mixes are super super super perfect lol. this morning i discovered kilo kish. i gave rozay a try monday… meh. lol. like, it sounds good, but i wasnt *into* it, yannow? i like him in small doses (dont tell peavy!). there's also a guy named…. bruno major. i've liked his song "easily" for awhile now, but i heard another one in my daily mix that i bookmarked. i'll look for it later. lol

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