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Add It To My List – April 2017

Hey! It’s time for me and Lauren’s Add It To My List linkup.  Where we give our real life recommendations on what needs to be added to your list.  Pens out!

    1. Schitt’s Creek
      OMG. I’m watching right now as I type because I have been on a for serious binge of the show.  Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara star as John and Moira Rose, an extremely well to do family that loses their money and has to move to Schitt’s Creek, a town they own; their last asset.
      I was very worried that this would be a rip off of Arrested Development but it’s not.  It’s incredibly hilarious.  Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara are generally hilarious but Eugene’s real life son, Daniel, writes and produces the show with his dad and plays the son on the show. For the first 3-6 episodes I literally could not get over how much the Levy’s look alike.  It’s on Amazon Prime and now I have my sister watching it on Hulu.  Apparently season 3 just wrapped up and it’s confirmed for season 4 but I don’t know a thing about Canadian TV so I don’t know when it actually comes on here. Find it and watch it.
    2. Colossal
      My sister and I went to Alamo Drafthouse last week to catch Colossal.  It’s a monster movie.  But think original King Kong, not like Anaconda, or whatever passes for a monster movie these days.  A giant monster is attacking the city of Seoul, South Korea.  Anne Hathaway is thousands of miles away, but realizes that she is the one controlling the monster.  Jason Sudekis stars in the movie as well and it original but throwback and funny but shit gets real.  Either way, find you an indie theater and go see it.

  1. Independent Bookstore Day is Saturday, April 29th.
    Yay! Shop local. Buy books. Great time to be had by all.  Here’s the website so you can find the indie bookstore near you.
  2. Raspberry AF
    I’m not a big beer drinker.  But usually in the summer (it’s basically summer weather in Houston now) I like a lemon shandy on the patio BUT I discovered Saint Arnold’s Raspberry AF beer.  It might take you 5 to get a buzz but it’s not super sweet like a __-A-Rita.

Texas AF

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So what’s on your list this month? Click the link below if you want to link up OR just tell me in the comments below.


9 Responses

  1. Oh I'll have to look up that show, sound cool. Thanks for the Indie Bookstore info- will definitely have to celebrate. For drinks, I've started doing the hard ciders. NC (where I live) is developing a decent craft beer and Bold Rock Ciders has become my fav.

  2. Thanks for the info on indie bookstore day – I will be sure to visit my favorite paperback bookstore on Saturday!

    The son on Schmitt's Creek is HILARIOUS. I love Eugene & Catherine too. Always.

  3. Indie Book Store day?! How fun! I'm definitely going to check that out- thanks for sharing the link! I'm not a fan of super sweet beers either. If you like the raspberry beers, you should check out the one by Founder's and Dark Horse- so good!

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