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Just about every day, Hari Kondabolu tweets this :

I have not tired of it.  I enjoy seeing it.  I scroll through my feed of witty black women, left leaning writers and entertainers, activists.  My echo chamber.  I’m not leaving it.  People (mainly liberals)(“liberal” is not a bad word) like to say it’s not good to be in an echo chamber.  You need to engage people on the other side.  “Love Trumps Hate” (this is not a clever slogan).  Understand their opinion.  Love them into agreeing that you are a human being and should be warranted the same rights as pets or city property.  Along those lines.

I am preferring to stay in my echo chamber.  To listen to the podcasts that assure me that no, this is not normal.  That the default of a human should be anti-racism and anti-bigotry.  I will stay watching my MSNBC and keeping my Twitter feed doused in Black Girl Magic.  I will stay informed as much as possible.  I will continue to speak out and resist.

Echo Links:

Hari hosts a podcast Politcally Re-Active with W. Kamau Bell. 

Brene Brown did a Facebook live video about engaging conversation without resorting to calling people stupid idiots. (H-Town Represent)

Karen Waldron is a wonderful human and shares wonderful words (and photos) on her blog. (H-Town Represent)

Angela Rye does a podcast.

DeRay does a podcast. 

There’s the writer guy you might have heard of James Baldwin

My fave, Skinny Black Girl, is on a summer blog sabbatical but dropped this gem on Facebook.

By now it’s a little more than cliche to say “stay woke” but I mean…it fits. Stay woke.

One Reponse

  1. I do not want to build a bridge with people over trump anymore. I do not want to understand. I read to inform myself, including things I think are INSANE like Breitbart…but I no longer care to waste my time trying to show people the light. I am with Skinnyblackgirl’s FB words – they are complicit. He showed us who he is and they voted for that, or in spite of it, and that’s just as bad.

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