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Island of Misfits Post 03.13.18

Paper Goodness

I’m doing a thing about the Basics of Bullet Journaling.  If you’re local, come see!


Movies & the Feels

We went to see A Wrinkle In Time this weekend.  “We” as in me and my black girl friends that are all 30+.  Addy opted out.  I’ll make her watch it when she’s 10. I’m going back to see it before I go back to see Black Panther.  1. So I can sob in peace and on my own accord and 2. Because even though I’m 35 it’s amazing to see a black girl go on an adventure and worry about her glasses getting smashed and having to tame her hair after it gets wet. and finally 3. because Pine is the highest on the Chris Rank (TM).

the Greatest Chris

I’m not reading the book.

Books vs Movies

I’m not reading any critiques on A Wrinkle In Time.  I need to sit with it in my own way probably forever.  I bought the book with the lofty goals of reading it before I went to see the movie.  But I’m glad I didn’t.  While I am of the school of books are always better than the movie, there are some books I refuse to touch because I love the movie so much.  In Her Shoes and Shopgirl.  Technically Shopgirl is a novella that I’ve purchased twice from the clearance section at Half Price books because it was $1.  And Steve Martin wrote the book and the movie.  But I won’t touch it.  And I’ve read every other book Jennifer Weiner has written but Toni Collette and Cameron Diaz and Shirley McClaine are perfection.

Fight Club, while very different from the movie is NOT my favorite Chuck Palahunik book. (It’s Lullaby) but I had no problems reading the book.  Go figure. The heart wants what it wants.


Black Women

Let me tell you.  It’s exhausting being a black woman.  Every aspect of it.  And I’ve been seeing lots of empowering things and we went to a March for Black Women and I’m reading This Will Be My Undoing: Living at the Intersection of Black, Female, and Feminist in (White) America.  PEAK WOKE. And everything is eye opening and hyper aware.  And everything is amplifying voice.  And everything is pro good vibes and best self and self care and I am me and you are you.  But I hate when people say good vibes only.  And I enjoy pleasant white comedies.  I mean, did you read my movie examples above.  And white women self care and WOC self care are wholly and inherently different.  And I take from it what I can and then I have to go home and raise a little black girl.  So we try to be progressive and accepting of each other.

And then I have to get Addy ready for bed at night.  Depending on if it’s a hair washing night or not I will just leave her hair twisted and send her to bed.  But if the ends need some upkeep, I’ll put it in bantu knots to stop the frizz.  Well, she hates them.  Even if its just to put on a bonnet to go to bed. Last week she told me she wasn’t looking in the mirror while I do it because she hates it that much.  “It’s embarrassing.”  Me: “But Nakia had her hair like this in Black Panther!”  Addy gives zero cares.  So I put the scarf on quickly and sent her to bed and by the time I was out of the bed in the morning, Addy had already undone the knots so I could put up her pony tail.  But I also remember being ten and going through the painstaking task of being 10 and having to spritz my bangs to perfect stiffness.

Exhausting.  From such a young age.

roller set. circa 1985. i wouldn’t care what super hero had a roller set when I was 7, no way I’d walk around like that.


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