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As Yet Untitled Entertainment Post – Feb/Mar 2018

I still don’t have a title for this series. Here’s the entertainment I’ve consumed the past two months.


The Office (Netflix) – S1 – S7

I came home one day and S4E1 of The Office was on when Michael hit Meredith with his car and I was like, you know what, I need to see the beginning of Jim and Pam and I started from S1E1 on Netflix. Then I watched 7 seasons and I’m not watching season 8 or 9.  There’s no point.  Also, still heart eyes for Jim Halpert for forever and ever.

Marvel’s Runaways (Hulu) – S1

I don’t watch any of the Marvel shows on Netflix but Rainbow Rowell is doing the Runaways comic series, so I figured I’d give the show a go. It started in November on Hulu and I think I started watching it after Thanksgiving but I didn’t finish it until March.  Hulu does that thing where they upload one new show a week so unless you start late, you can’t binge.  But also the show is just…okay.  Angsty Californian teens discover they have super powers but also their parents are super villains.  It’s VERY sci-fi television.  Like…the cheese factor is high and Hulu doesn’t spring much for special effects.  So that’s why I wasn’t too keen to just dive in and finish it.  I’ll probably leisurely watch S2 whenever it drops.

Love After Lockup (WETv) – S1

OOOOOMG.  Love After Lockup is a reality show on WETv. Men and women have fallen in love some way or another with a convict and once the convict is released, they have to navigate like in the real world.  It’s HIGH drama and only like 7 episodes so you can fly through it in one sitting.  (if not, do you even binge watch, Bro).  The thing is, your brain has already worked up a preconceived notion of the people that write letters to convicts.  But you get caught up in each story. Brownlee likes to fact check reality shows to see if they are staged and this one is very, very legit.



Black Panther

I’ve swooned about it already.  Although, I haven’t seen it again.  Maybe right before Infinity Wars comes out.

A Wrinkle In Time

Swooned here. 

Phantom Thread

Bizarre.  Like…I’ve seen enough Paul Thomas Anderson movies to know what to expect.  And when it’s Oscar season, I kind of like to know what *should* win.  This was a big contender for Best Picture and after I saw The Shape of Water I wasn’t sure what if there was a movie that could be better.  But I mean it’s Daniel Day Lewis.  Oooh man this movie was weird.  Anyway, Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel Day Lewis) is a fashion designer ins 1950’s London.  He literally lives in the fashion house.  Anyway he meets this young waitress, Alma (Vicky Krieps) and they start a relationship where she becomes his student/lover/everything.

The costume design is amazing though.



The Arrangement – Sarah Dunn

A couple decides to spice up life by giving each other six months to sleep with other people.  It cause issues for them and their closely knit community.

I enjoyed the book and flew through it pretty quickly.  I thought it was going to end in a predictable manner, it didn’t.

The Wedding Date – Jasmine Guillory (Audible)

Lite and easy romcom about a black girl and white boy romance after a meet cute in an elevator.

The Immortalists – Chloe Benjamin (Audible)

In 1969, four siblings go to see a psychic who tells them the day each of them will die.  The book then follows them through the rest of their lives and we find out if the psychic was right or not.  It’s pretty dark, obviously, but I enjoyed it.  If I weren’t listening to the audible, I would have flipped to the end of each section to cheat and see how it ended up.

This Will Be My Undoing: Living at the Intersection of Black, Female, and Feminist in (White) America – Morgan Jerkins (Audible)

A collection of essays by a young, black women living at the intersection… Morgan covers black hair, sexuality, dating, family, aspirations, everything.  I started the audible and went to get the paperback so I could highlight and flip through and pick at later.  I wasn’t 100% in agreement on everything she said, but it was worth the listen.  At book club, we all decided that it was very clear she was young and still had some learning to do.


There would have been more TV, in theory, but 7 season of The Office.  I watched the pilot of Good Girls but I guess Monday night TV is hard to keep up with.  Atlanta is back.  Enjoying Barry on HBO.  I’m probably going to watch the new Tracy Morgan show.  Meg Wolitzer has a new book out this week. Chuck Palahniuk has a new release this May.  Isle of Dogs is out and Wes Anderson is just my problematic fave and I’m dealing with that on my own terms, cause I’m gonna see it.  I need to lean towards lighter content to keep me off Twitter and MSNBC late at night.  I’ve added an entertainment bit to the future log in my bullet journal so I can keep up with everything.

What have you been enjoying lately?  What was terrible?

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  1. I’m still watching Teen Mom 2, my goodness will they ever take that show of the air!! And I also loved Black Panther. I still need to see Wrinkle in Time, but it will probably end up being DVD.

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